Venture Lighting’s color temperature selectable and wattage selectable Canopy is capable of changing to 3 different CCT settings and 3 different wattage settings. These field-adjustable fixtures are preset to the highest wattage and 5000K CCT. The flexible selection capability allows for a cost-effective method to reduce stocking inventory by 88% (1 SKU instead of 9). This LED luminaire has a lightweight design featuring long life and low maintenance and allows for easy replacement of existing canopy lighting fixtures. The robust design paired with universal mounting makes them ideal for locations, such as retail canopies where heavy pedestrian traffic makes maintenance difficult.

Order CodeWattsCCTDefault Lumen OutputReplace HID WattageDLC Model#
CP1278920W/30W/40W3000K/4000K/5000K2700/4050/5400Up to 175WCPS40SP2-WHP1W50
CP4191640W/60W/75W3000K/4000K/5000K5300/7950/9950Up to 250WCPS75SP2-WHP1W50
Note: All Select-Pro® LED Canopies are preset at the highest wattage and 5000K CCT and Photocell enabled.