Lighting Control Solution

SimplySNAP is a wireless lighting control solution that enables considerable energy savings and lowers operating costs by automating, customizing, and controlling the behavior of lights.

Built for easy installation and use, SimplySNAP doesn’t require Internet access and can scale to hundreds of lights, all controlled by a single site controller. SimplySNAP is powered by an encrypted, self-forming, self-healing, 802.15.4 SNAP mesh network and provides a reliable and secure foundation for your lighting network.

SimplySNAP makes commissioning easy with four provisioning options. In addition to manual entry and CSV upload, the Synapse mobile commissioning application, and auto-discovery of unconfigured lights makes commissioning child’s play.

Day-to-day operation is just as easy thanks to a browser-based user interface that’s accessed through a mobile-friendly Wi-Fi interface. Easy access from a laptop or tablet means your system can be controlled or reconfigured whenever needed. With the optional SimplySNAP Remote Access service, your lighting network can also be managed remotely from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The system stores power data, alarms, and critical events locally for maintenance and troubleshooting, and provides California Title 24 compliant daily schedules. Occupancy and ambient light sensor integration allows full lighting network customization under a variety of situations.



Twist-lock Controller

The Twist-lock Controller is an intelligent wireless lighting controller that provides intelligent On/Off switching, dimming, integrated photocell, highly accurate power metering, digital sensor input, and status monitoring of lighting fixtures.

The Twist Lock Lighting Controller is available fully integrated with the following Venture Products:
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Roundback Flood

Site Controller (Gateway)

The Gateway serves as the heart of your lighting solution, allowing local control without the internet using the Synapse SimplySNAP solution. SimplySNAP is a wireless, on-site control solution for monitoring and controlling outdoor and indoor lights via a SNAP mesh network. SimplySNAP provides the flexibility to manage your lighting, your way, with system setup and configuration through a mobile-friendly Wi-Fi interface. The system stores power data, zones, alarms, schedules, behaviors, and critical events locally for maintenance and troubleshooting.


BMS Gateway

The BMS Gateway serves as the bridge between SimplySNAP Intelligent Lighting Solution and Building Management Systems (BMS). With the BMS Gateway, you can integrate the advanced lighting controls of SimplySNAP with your current BMS solution. The integration makes it simpler to manage and maintain your facility’s commercial or industrial automated applications through one system. Combining smart lighting controls with existing BMS boosts energy savings by providing targeted and reliable power consumption data. Like the BMS, SimplySNAP is scalable, and can readily support future growth and expansion.


Central Base Station

The Central Base Station is a SimplySNAP site controller installed in a NEMA 4X enclosure with local programmable push buttons to manually activate up to 25 Scenes (5 per button) across specific Zones or over the entire lighting installation. The Central Base Station is easy for certified electricians to install in both indoor and outdoor applications. This solution includes programmable push-button controls in addition to the SimplySNAP browser-based interface.

Ordering & Model Numbers

Product TypePart NumberProduct DescriptionSpec SheetInstall Guide
GatewayWCG-450SimplySNAP Site Controller, WiFi, Werizon LTE, Metal Enclosure
WCG-450-CBS-5BCentral Base Station - Nema Enclosure, 5-Button Switch, Includes WCG-450
WCG-BMS-GWBMS Gateway for SimplySNAP Site Controller, BACnet, Modbus Compatible
Individual Fixture Controllers WCN-7P-UNV7-Pin Twistlock Controller, 6kV Surge and Utitlity Grade Power Monitoring, Integral Photocell, Digital and Analog Sensor Input, 120-277V
Accessories5B-SWSwitch, USB, 5-Button, Stand Alone
ANT-8-REMRemote Mount SNAP Antenna, Outdoor, Staright, 8.0 dBi Gain
ANT-2-INTIndoor Articulating Antenna 2.0 dBi Gain
ANT-1.5-EXTOutdoor Straight Antenna 1.5 dBi Gain