LED Recessed Canopy Lights from Venture Lighting are the ideal solution for retail canopies, walkways, drive-thrus and other locations where heavy pedestrian traffic makes maintenance difficult. These luminaires feature a robust, lightweight design coupled with universal mounting. They are exceptionally easy to handle & install making them a wise choice, both for new build and retrofit applications.

Low Glare Recessed Canopy

Order CodeWattsInitial LumensCCTCRIReplace HID WattageDLC Model#
CP1260921W33004000K≥70Up to 100WCPC-03N-25LNA-WHAC
CP1418321W33005000K≥70Up to 100WCPC-03C-25LNA-WHAC
CP1338227W41004000K≥70Up to 150WCPC-03N-45LNA-WHAC
CP1703127W41005000K≥70Up to 150WCPC-03C-45LNA-WHAC
CP3291644W66004000K≥70Up to 250WCPC-03N-60LNA-WHAC
CP3318744W66005000K≥70Up to 250WCPC-03C-60LNA-WHAC
CP4612753W82004000K≥70Up to 320WCPC-03N-80LNA-WHAC
CP4901653W82005000K≥70Up to 320WCPC-03C-80LNA-WHAC