LED Directional Retrofit Lamps

Venture Lighting's LED Retrofit lamps are the ideal upgrade solution to traditional HID lamp technologies. Venture's LED Retrofit lamps are a simple energy saving solution for providing significant maintenance savings. The integrated driver design is an ideal upgrade from traditional technologies.

WattsOrder CodeDescriptionBare Lamp LumensColorCRILife HoursData SheetIES File
54WLP2718954W LED Retrofit Lamp w/ Type V Distribution65005000K7050000lp27189.pdflp27189.ies
115WLP38561115W LED Retrofit Lamp w/ Type V Distribution135005000K7050000lp38561.pdflp38561.ies
115WLP31725115W LED Retrofit Lamp w/ Type V Distribution135004000K7050000lp31725.pdflp31725.ies