Environ Area Lights 300W / 480W

The High Watt Environ fixtures are the ideal fixture for area lighting projects where high performance and precise light distribution is required. The High Watt Environ has been upgraded to 140 lumens per watt (LPW) to increase the delivered light without increasing the required wattage. The higher LPW rating allows for higher light levels without a higher utility bill. This also maximizes the rebate potential with many utilities. In addition to the higher LPW, the Environ fixture light distributions have been redesigned to reduce backlight while providing more light to where it is needed. A Front Row Automotive distribution has been developed specifically to highlight curbside inventory in automotive applications. This distribution, coupled with the other available distributions, provides a complete automotive package.

Ordering & Model Number

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Performance Data

Distribution Lumens Lumen Maint. Calc. L70@25°C
Wattage Type 3000K 4000K 5000K CRI @50,000 hrs Amb.(hrs)
300W Type III 38032 39838 42896 70 88% 142,000
Type IV 38332 40153 43235
Type V 40192 42101 45333
Type T 40763 42699 45976
Type FA 40880 42822 46109
480W Type III 60214 63074 67915 70 88% 142,000
Type IV 60690 63572 68451
Type V 63364 66657 71773
Type T 64537 67603 72792
Type FA 64724 67798 73002

Mounting Accessories
Fixture order code does not specify mounting. Order appropriate mounting arm separately.

Part# Description
EN14628 Round pole straight arm - bronze
EN27395 Square pole mount - bronze
EN36717 Adjustable slipfitter - bronze
EN38159 Mast arm (Horizontal tenon) - bronze