Meet Your Venture Lighting Sales Team

Venture Lighting is pleased to present your dedicated Venture Lighting Sales Team. In addition to your Inside Account Representative, you will also have additional support from the customer service, product technical support and marketing departments with the goal of providing friendly, timely and effective service. To streamline our communication and improve overall response times, we have created both a dedicated regional toll free phone number and email address, allowing us to quickly process your purchase orders, sales inquiries and returns (RMA).


Chris Nizni

Account Coordinator for Northeast Region

Chris has been with Venture Lighting for 16 years and brings a wealth of experience with her. She has been a significant part of the inside team for over 13 years and is always here to help our customers in anyway she can. In her spare time, Chris also works as a hair stylist, an art she has mastered for over 30 years. Chris loves listening to live music, mainly alternative rock.

Phone: 1-833-344-7885
Direct: (234) 212-3815


Lani Bailey

Account Coordinator for Southeastern Region

Lani joined Venture Lighting in 2016 and is a valuable asset to Venture Lighting’s inside sales team. For over 48 years, Lani has worked in a customer service role in a variety of aspects. She enjoys spending time with her family and has established a very unique playing card collection.

Phone: 1-833-344-7884
Direct: (234) 212-3859

Kim Pratt

Kim Pratt

Account Coordinator for Central Region

Kim has been with Venture Lighting for 25 years and is paramount to the inside sales team. She has a wide range of lighting and customer service experience and has worked in a variety of roles and channels such as agent, OEM, National Accounts, Sunmaster, OLM and Latin America. Kim and her husband of 30 years enjoy watching sports are dedicated and loyal fans to all Pittsburgh professional sports teams.

Phone: 1-833-344-7883
Direct: (234) 212-3816

Adele Vincent

Adele Vincent

Account Coordinator for Western Region

Adele joined Venture Lighting in 2006 and has been a fundamental and dedicated employee. She has worked in a several roles from direct sales to agent account coordination. When not at the office, Adele enjoys dining at new and unique restaurants with her husband. She also spends time watching her daughters play softball and teaching them the importance of 1980’s rock music.

Phone: 1-833-344-7873
Direct: (234) 212-3822

Cathy Klass

Cathy Klass

Customer Service and Sales Manager

Cathy re-entered the workforce in 2017 after her 12 year sabbatical as a stay-at-home-mom, when she joined Venture Lighting. She has been leading the inside sales team for over 2 years, brought 8 years of marketing experience with her and enjoys all aspects of working with people. Cathy loves to stay active by exercising, attending her kids’ sporting events and spending time with friends and family.

Phone: (234) 212-3863

technical support

Technical Support

Specific application or product questions about Venture Lighting products can be sent to the technical support team for a quick response.

Phone: 800-425-8173

marketing support

Marketing Support

Want help in selling Venture Lighting products? A nice flyer with a product image would be good right about now. Feel free to reach out directly to our marketing team.

lighting design support

Lighting Design Support

Venture Lighting utilizes the latest software technology to offer accurate, timely lighting design services free of charge. Our Lighting Designers will get your project started.