LED Garage Lights

The perfect upgrade for existing parking garage lighting!

LED Garage Lights from Venture Lighting are lightweight, low profile and robust in design. Combined with a universal mounting system, they are easy to handle and install, offering the perfect upgrade for existing parking garage lighting. To maximise energy savings, choose our integrated sensor option. These include a pre-installed Wattstopper FSP211 Occupancy and Daylight sensor with a 0-100% dimming capability.

WattsOrder CodeDLC Model#Initial LumensCCTCRIIntegrated SensorReplace HID WattageIES FileLighting Design Tool
41W CP45021 CPA-043C-WD 4576 5000K 70+ No 100W
54W CP54776 CPA-054C-WD 6142 5000K 70+ No 175W
72W CP86738 CPA-072C-WD 8126 5000K 70+ No 250W
41W CP97593 CPB-3602C-WD01 4576 5000K 70+ Yes 100W
54W CP38074 CPB-4802C-WD01 6142 5000K 70+ Yes 175W
72W CP96209 CPB-6402C-WD01 8126 5000K 70+ Yes 250W