Traditional LED Wall Packs

High Efficiency, low maintenance LED Wallpacks. Easily upgrade any existing wallpack luminaire.

Venture Lighting’s Wallpack luminaires are low profile, light weight, and designed for long life with low maintenance and great performance. These LED luminaires are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing HID wall pack fixtures.

WattsOrder CodeDLC Model#Initial LumensCCTCRIIES FileLighting Design Tool
60W WP27392 WH2-060N-Axx 7050 4000K 80
60W WP28195 WH2-060C-Axx 7050 5000K 80
80W WP42135 WH2-080N-Axx 9880 4000K 80
80W WP39412 WH2-080C-Axx 9880 5000K 80
120W WP69128 WH2-120N-Axx 14770 4000K 80