Defender LED Wallpacks

High Efficiency, low maintenance LED Wallpacks. Easily upgrade any existing wall pack luminaire.

Defender Wallpacks from Venture Lighting are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing wall pack fixtures. High performance, thermally managed LEDs maximise efficiency and energy savings whilst ensuring reliability and long life. A high level of physical protection is provided by a rugged die cast housing finished in a durable powder coat finish and with vandal resistant polycarbonate lens. Fixtures are shipped with a quick mount plate to allow for easy installation to a recessed junction.

WattsOrder CodeDLC Model#Initial LumensCCTCRIReplace HID WattageIES FileLighting Design Tool
44W WP18912 WPA-44WEA 4710 3000K 80+ 250W
44W WP24986 WPA-44BEA 4710 3500K 80+ 250W
44W WP62254 WPA-44NEA 4710 4000K 80+ 250W
44W WP76654 WPA-44CEA 5010 5000K 80+ 250W
81W WP28133 WPA-81WEA 8770 3000K 80+ 400W
81W WP38239 WPA-81BEA 8770 3500K 80+ 400W
81W WP71923 WPA-81NEA 8770 4000K 80+ 400W
81W WP92265 WPA-81CEA 9525 5000K 80+ 400W