Parkway & Greenway Garage Lights

The Venture Lighting Parkway & Greenway luminaires are low profile, lightweight and designed for long life and low maintenance. The fixtures are designed to allow for easy replacement of existing parking garage lighting fixtures.

WattsOrder CodeDLC Model#Initial LumensCCTCRIIntegrated SensorReplace HID WattageIES FileLighting Design Tool
41W CP45021 CPA-03C-45WDA-xxAC01 4600 5000K 70+ No 100W
54W CP54776 CPA-03C-60WDA-xxAC01 6160 5000K 70+ No 175W
72W CP86738 CPA-03C-80WDA-xxAC01 8590 5000K 70+ No 250W
41W CP97593 CPB-03C-45WDA-xxAC01 4600 5000K 70+ Yes 100W
54W CP38074 CPB-03C-60WDA-xxAC01 6160 5000K 70+ Yes 175W
72W CP96209 CPB-03C-80WDA-xxAC01 8590 5000K 70+ Yes 250W