Cascade Recessed Canopy

Low maintenance LED Recessed Canopy Lights. Ideal for applications with restricted access.

LED Recessed Canopy Lights from Venture Lighting are the ideal solution for retail canopies, walkways, drive-thrus and other locations where heavy pedestrian traffic makes maintenance difficult. These luminaires feature a robust, lightweight design coupled with universal mounting. They are exceptionally easy to handle & install making them a wise choice, both for new build and retrofit applications.

WattsOrder CodeDLC Model#Initial LumensCCTCRIReplace HID WattageData SheetIES FileLighting Design Tool
23W CP47526 CPC-03N-25NDA-xxAC01 2670 4000K 70 70W
23W CP82401 CPC-03C-25NDA-xxAC01 2670 5000K 70+ 70W
41W CP43127 CPC-03N-45NDA-xxAC01 4810 4000K 70 100W
41W CP92745 CPC-03C-45NDA-xxAC01 4800 5000K 70+ 100W
54W CP74135 CPC-03N-60NDA-xxAC01 6580 4000K 70 175W
54W CP48715 CPC-03C-60NDA-xxAC01 6470 5000K 70+ 175W
72W CP62528 CPC-03N-80NDA-xxAC01 8940 4000K 70 250W
72W CP36619 CPC-03C-80NDA-xxAC01 9000 5000K 70+ 250W