LED Bollards

Venture Lighting’s LED Bollard makes it an ideal choice for size commercial, architectural,retail and residential applications. Fixtures can be used in wet locations. They are designed to provide low-level pedestrian lighting to draw attention to entryways and to act as guides along walkways for such applications as parking areas, building entrances, and university campus lighting.

WattsOrder CodeDLC Model#Initial LumensCCTCRIBollard TopReplace HID WattageIES FileLighting Design Tool
28W BL72132 BL2-30BA 3100 3500K 70+ Flat 175W
28W BL12820 BL2-30NA 3125 4000K 70+ Flat 175W
28W BL26137 BL2-30CA 3180 5000K 70+ Flat 175W
28W BL27641 BL1-30BA 3100 3500K 70+ Dome 175W
28W BL51622 BL1-30NA 3125 4000K 70+ Dome 175W
28W BL75142 BL1-30CA 3180 5000K 70+ Dome 175W