Color Selectable Panels

CCT Selectable: 3500K / 4000K / 5000K

Venture Lighting’s color temperature selectable LED panels are low profile, lightweight, and designed for long life and low maintenance. These thin luminaires are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing fluorescent fixtures and be more versatile than other LED panels. Each fixture is capable of changing CCT with a simple flip of a switch. The CCT Selection method allows for a cost effective method to reduce stocking inventory by 66%.

WattsProduct CodeCCTDLC Model#Lumen OutputCRIPanel SizeFixture ColorIES FileLighting Design Tool
33W PN69124 Standard 4000K P114-36N-ANR-C 3670 80+ 1x4 White
Field Selectable 3500K P114-36B-ANR-C 3590
Field Selectable 5000K P114-36C-ANR-C 3860
38W PN38592 Standard 4000K P122-40N-ANR-C 4140 80+ 2x2 White
Field Selectable 3500K P122-40B-ANR-C 4050
Field Selectable 5000K P122-40C-ANR-C 4535
44W PN41751 Standard 4000K P124-48N-ANR-C 4740 80+ 2x4 White
Field Selectable 3500K P124-48B-ANR-C 4660
Field Selectable 5000K P124-48C-ANR-C 5030