LED Vapor Tight

A quick and easy upgrade for existing fluorescent fixtures

Venture's LED Vapor Tight fixtures are designed for use in harsh environments. Optimal for parking driver lane compliance. For use as utility lighting, parking garage and tunnels, maintenance areas. The fixture is a Makrolon all plastic non-corrosive construction with a one piece fixture housing and lens. Chemical resistance information for Makrolon can be downloaded from the user manual tab.

WattsProduct CodeDLC Model#Lumen OutputCCTCRIFixture ColorData SheetIES FileLighting Design Tool
38W VP10923 VP4-38N8D-BF6 5092 4000K 80 Gray
52W VP28516 VP4-52NA-BF5 6760 4000K 80 Gray
55W VP61784 VP2-56NA-BF1 7200 4000K 80+ Gray