Linear Strip Light Luminaires

For Continuous Row or Stand-Alone Applications

Venture Lighting’s LED linear strip light luminaires are an excellent choice for either continuous row or stand-alone applications where a value-based lighting solution is required. Offered in multiple lengths, lumen packages and with a variety installation mounting features, Venture’s strip lights can be a primary linear solution. In addition to versatility, all of Venture’s strip lights are DLC Premium listed, allowing the ability to maximize your energy savings and potentially obtain the highest rebates in your area.

Ordering & Model Numbers

Luminaire LengthLuminaire WattageOrder CodeProduct DescriptionDLC Model #Replaces Existing Luminaire
4ft30WSM162983500K; 120-277V; 3960 lmSM3-30B84AD2 x 32W T8 Fluorescent
4ft30WSM876124000K; 120-277V; 3990 lmSM3-30N84AD2 x 32W T8 Fluorescent
4ft30WSM125365000K; 120-277V; 4020 lmSM3-30C84AD2 x 32W T8 Fluorescent
4ft45WSM550143500K; 120-277V; 5850 lmSM4-45B84AD2 x 32W T8 Fluorescent
4ft45WSM591164000K; 120-277V; 5900 lmSM4-45N84AD2 x 32W T8 Fluorescent
4ft45WSM198975000K; 120-277V; 5940 lmSM4-45C84AD2 x 32W T8 Fluorescent
8ft54WSM154013500K; 120-277V; 7120 lmSM3-54B88AD80W T12 Fluorescent
8ft54WSM517234000K; 120-277V; 7180 lmSM3-54N88AD80W T12 Fluorescent
8ft54WSM859035000K; 120-277V; 7230 lmSM3-54C88AD80W T12 Fluorescent
8ft90WSM541274000K; 120-277V; 11790 lmSM4-90N88AD200W T12 Fluorescent
8ft90WSM804265000K; 120-277V; 11800 lmSM4-90C88AD200W T12 Fluorescent