LED Panels

A quick and easy upgrade for existing fluorescent fixtures

The Venture Lighting LED panel series of luminaires are low profile, lightweight, and designed for long life and low maintenance. These are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing fluorescent fixtures. The high performance LED source is mounted to ensure proper thermal management of the system. The design allows for a cooler running LED chip which leads to longer lifetime, better efficacy, and color consistency.

WattsProduct CodeDLC Model#Lumen OutputCCTCRIPanel SizeFixture ColorIES FileLighting Design ToolUser Manual
36W PN14614** PD14-36N-ANR-X00 3950 4000K 80+ 1x4 White
36W PN18514 VL1-PA14-036C-A-AG00 3600 5000K 80+ 1x4 White
36W PN21852 VL1-PA14-036B-A-AG00 3600 3500K 80+ 1x4 White
40W PN26744** PD22-40N-ANR-X00 4600 4000K 80+ 2x2 White
40W PN41258** PD22-40C-ANR-X00 4735 5000K 80+ 2x2 White
40W PN28749 VL1-PA22-040B-A-AG00 4100 3500K 80 2x2 White
48W PN62316** PD24-48N-ANR-X00 5445 4000K 80+ 2x4 White
48W PN45124** PD24-48C-ANR-X00 5520 5000K 80+ 2x4 White
52W PN32817 VL1-PA24-052B-A-AG00 5800 3500K 80+ 2x4 White

** New Part Number