Venture Lighting’s Modern Highbay luminaires are low profile, durable, and designed for long life and low maintenance. They are designed to quickly and easily upgrade existing HID and fluorescent fixtures. The cooler white appearance makes them particularly suitable for Warehouse & Industrial applications.

Modern High Bay 120-277V

WattsOrder CodeInitial LumensCCTCRIBeam AngleReplace HID WattageIES File
150WHB71452157504000K8090°Up to 400W-hb71452.ies
150WHB95488195005000K8090°Up to 400Whb95488-rev1.ies
200WHB20943210004000K8090°Up to 750W-hb20943.ies
200WHB22920260005000K8090°Up to 750Whb22920-rev1.ies
300WHB31479388004000K8090°Up to 1000Whb31479.ies
300WHB41782388005000K8090°Up to 1000Whb41782.ies

Modern High Bay 277-480V

WattsOrder CodeInitial LumensCCTCRIBeam AngleReplace HID WattageIES File
100WHB54216118904000K80120°Up to 250Whb54216.ies
100WHB19238123005000K80120°Up to 250Whb19238.ies
150WHB27813190004000K8090°Up to 400Whb27813.ies
150WHB27146197005000K8090°Up to 400Whb27146.ies
200WHB41682241004000K8090°Up to 750Whb41682.ies
200WHB28334254005000K8090°Up to 750Whb28334.ies
300WHB67127381604000K70+90°Up to 1000Whb67127.ies
300WHB64152387005000K70+90°Up to 1000Whb64152.ies