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The Challenge:
Energy savings with quality white light

The Solution:
Venture’s 1000 Watt horizontal system

Xcel Energy Center Arena, St. Paul, Minnesota


Lighting sports and entertainment facilities such as Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota makes Venture Lighting a member of the major leagues. The 650,000 sq. ft. Xcel Energy Center is home to the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild, the 2004 NHL All-Star game and four World Cup of Hockey games.

The NHL demands quality lighting for televising games. This includes rendering players’ jerseys in true color and adequately lighting the ice rink and fans in the arena’s first 30 rows. Venture Lighting’s MS 1000W/HOR/BT37/3K lamps produce the necessary 125 fc of vertical illumination, high color rendering and light quality. The lighting design called for 340 luminaires, but the Venture lamps’ light output helped reduce that number to 280 luminaires.

"They’re great lights," said Mark Anger, director of Facilities Development for Minnesota Sports & Entertainment.

Venture lamps also light the American Airlines Center, Conseco Fieldhouse, Pepsi Center, Staples Center and First Union Arena.


1000W Horizontal Benefits/Features

• Position oriented super metal halide for maximum light output

• Reduced outer jacket for precise optical control

• Warm 3400K color



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